All of my years of school have taught me, or tried to teach me, time management skills. I will admit that having time management skills is an incredibly important skill but in my day to day life I don’t use it as often as maybe I should. I notice this most when I set a goal for myself. I don’t like planning ahead. Life is too unpredictable to plan far ahead except when I give myself a new goal. I say new goal because I am constantly setting new goals for myself, right now its a work out goal. In my head as soon as I set a goal I’m going to stick with it and never deviate. But we all know that won’t happen. And what is so wrong about not sticking to a goal? I feel like I’ve failed once I break from my perfect schedule and that I should just give up.

Well, for the record, I couldn’t be any more wrong. It is helpful to set a schedule but why can’t I deviate. Who or what is stopping me from saying, “I can’t do that right this minute”? Let me explain by using the example of exercising. In the beginning of the week I may decide to work out Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. And on each day I’m going to run 5 miles. If I wake up on Tuesday and decide I don’t want to run 5 miles then that’s okay. Maybe I only run 2 or 3. Or maybe I don’t run on Tuesday at all! I wake up Wednesday and decide I want to run. That’s okay! It’s okay to deviate from our goals based on feelings as long as we don’t give up. You can plan ahead but be able to change and when the change happens remember: it’s okay! Goals will always be reachable if you keep working towards them and if they’re not set in stone. There is a reason why very few people carve into stone anymore… it’s hard to change it. Don’t feel like change isn’t part of reaching a goal. If anything it’s the biggest part.

As I reread over what I had just written I realize it’s slightly scattered feeling and probably not the most grammatically correct. I think that’s fine. This blog is being started because I like to write and because I’m living life on a feeling. One day  I woke up and decided this is what I wanted to do so I did it. Today I am achieving my goal.


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