Gripes about Makeup

I love makeup. I really really love makeup. It has been 5 months into the year and regained  my platinum status at ULTA. I can really only say good things about makeup. Makeup has saved me from myself. It just makes me feel better. I have makeup to thank for a lot of my confidence. BUT I do have one teeny tiny problem with it…. (Just to be clear, my problem is with the concept). I have friends, most of who are girls, and these friends wear makeup. We definitely have bonded over our love of makeup but I feel like it makes us judgmental. Maybe other people don’t have this problem, but I’ve noticed that we do so I’m sure others are this way too. I’ll see a post on instagram or twitter and if the slightest thing is off then I’ll comment in my head about it or send it to a friend and we’ll talk about it. I know there is makeup hate in the world and tons of comments are made. The problem I have with comments such as those is that makeup is suppose to bring up our confidence and make us feel better about ourselves. No one needs to wear makeup. I promise. Many girls think they need to. They don’t. If it’s not a necessity why is it treated like one? It should be a fun experience and something that brings the wearer joy.  Which is why comments like that don’t make sense to me! I can admit I’ve been guilty of makeup-shaming others and it makes me hate myself. I don’t understand why we need to do that to each other. Because of this I’d like to set a challenge. I challenge everyone to only encourage makeup wearers, no nasty comments, no makeup-shaming.


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