2017 Beauty Routine (updated)

Well the end of 2016 left me in a beauty dilemma. New Year’s Eve Eve I was getting ready to go out with my family and *CRUNCH* my eyelash curler snapped off a section of my eyelashes!! I couldn’t believe what was happening and I honestly don’t know how I didn’t break down in tears. Many people told me that eyelash curlers were bad for you and Miley Cyrus even had an issue with her eyelashes being cut off a few years ago and nothing changed by habits… silly me! I came out of a color guard season where every Friday and Saturday I would wear false lashes and caked on performance makeup which looked nice but KILLED my skin. I had skin drier than ever and I broke out all the time and apparently my eyelashes became dry and brittle. The few weeks preceding the incident I changed my routine from a good routine to a lazy one that consisted of makeup wipes and that was it. Since then I have sworn off makeup… for now. Believe me I will still be wearing it but in my everyday Monday to Friday life I won’t be wearing any. So far for January I’ve given myself 4 days when I can cheat because of events but my goal is to go barefaced as often as possible.

With that being said here is what my new beauty routine has changed to…

I think I’m saving money by not constantly buying makeup and my skin looks a lot healthier. It is strange seeing myself without makeup, especially in the winter when I’m so pale, but I’ve gotten use to it after a couple weeks. I would recommend this change to everyone especially if you’re looking to cleanse for a month even. I can definitely say I’m more confident after this change because I’ve learned that no one is going to notice if you’re wearing makeup or not and even if they have no one has made any comments to me about it. I wouldn’t care what they thought anyway and neither should you.


Gripes about Makeup

I love makeup. I really really love makeup. It has been 5 months into the year and regained  my platinum status at ULTA. I can really only say good things about makeup. Makeup has saved me from myself. It just makes me feel better. I have makeup to thank for a lot of my confidence. BUT I do have one teeny tiny problem with it…. (Just to be clear, my problem is with the concept). I have friends, most of who are girls, and these friends wear makeup. We definitely have bonded over our love of makeup but I feel like it makes us judgmental. Maybe other people don’t have this problem, but I’ve noticed that we do so I’m sure others are this way too. I’ll see a post on instagram or twitter and if the slightest thing is off then I’ll comment in my head about it or send it to a friend and we’ll talk about it. I know there is makeup hate in the world and tons of comments are made. The problem I have with comments such as those is that makeup is suppose to bring up our confidence and make us feel better about ourselves. No one needs to wear makeup. I promise. Many girls think they need to. They don’t. If it’s not a necessity why is it treated like one? It should be a fun experience and something that brings the wearer joy.  Which is why comments like that don’t make sense to me! I can admit I’ve been guilty of makeup-shaming others and it makes me hate myself. I don’t understand why we need to do that to each other. Because of this I’d like to set a challenge. I challenge everyone to only encourage makeup wearers, no nasty comments, no makeup-shaming.